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Nowadays, the state-of-the-art of excellent research often includes "omics" approaches. The training opportunities within the MeInBio RTG provide the PhD researchers with an outstanding knowledge in novel technology in experiment and theory.

The PhD researchers will work on one of the projects outlined in the research program under supervision of the PI in the respective laboratory.

Central to the concept of interdisciplinary education is the creation of research tandems between groups of complementary expertise in experimental or bioinformatics research. The research tandems allow a short stay of PhD researchers in a specialised group to complement the project with additional expertise. This stay in the tandem lab for at least three months is a mandatory aspect of the qualification strategy. By this, the PhD researchers who are trained within a theoretical bioinformatics group will gain access to experimental methods that are the foundation for the data that they are analysing. Conversely, experimental PhD researchers will gain an understanding for bioinformatics know-how and have access to technical infrastructure, such as unpublished bioinformatics tools.

MeInBio PhD researchers will have a monthly progress report series. The meetings will be a forum to discuss relevant developments and problems of the respective project and will give a framework to broaden the individual horizon and to conceptualise scientific findings on more general levels.

MeInBio will offer accompanying courses with specific biological and bioinformatics contents. The PhD researchers will be involved in the selection of topics and trainers for the study courses of the third year to drive early scientific independence.

Moreover, courses towards further qualification to acquire soft skills will be offered.
In addition to a MeInBio retreat every year, PhD researchers are encouraged to visit conferences and meetings, and to invite speakers for lecture series in Freiburg.
Networking and exchange with doctoral researchers of other structured programs within the framework of the University of Freiburg will be beneficial for broadening the individual horizon by exchanging experiences with other peers.