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MeInBio workshops

For training of PhD students with regard to analyses of large scale -omic data, specific lab techniques and other skills needed for a PhD, MeInBio organises specific workshops.

In addition, MeInBio scientists participate in workshops organized by the department of bioinformatics ("Galaxy workshop on High-Throughput-Sequencing (HTS) data analysis"), the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics ("R" and "NGS sample preparation"), the Speman Graduate School of Biology and Medicine ("FACS") and others ("Proteomics and Mass Spectometry", Institute of Molecular Medicine).

MeInBio PhD students have access to transferable skills workshops offered by the Speman Graduate School of Biology and Medicine and the International Graduate Academy of the University.


MeInBio Workshops 2019:

"Systems biology" (3 days)

"Confocal Microscopy" (3 days)

"Technology assessment" (2 days)

"Single cell transcriptomics" (half day)


 MeInBio Workshops 2018:

"Python for biologists" (2 days, organized and led by MeInBio PhD students)

"Poster presentation in the academic context" (1 day)

"ChIP technology - pitfalls, solutions and controls" (2 hours)

"Good Scientific Practice" (2 days)

Oberseminar Biostatistics (weekly meetings winter term 2018/2019)


MeInBio Workshops 2017:

„Motivating and Efficient Supervision of Written Study Papers and Dissertations“ (2 days, for Postdocs and advanced PhD students)