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MeInBio retreat 2018


The first MeInBio retreat took place March 15 + 16, 2018. We stayed in Altglashütten (Feldberg), where we had still quite some snow. The program included two poster sessions, a keynote lecture by Elzo de Wit (Amsterdam) on chromatin organization, intense small group discussions within the tandem groups, and of course time to further get to know each other over a beer.

Postersession_Ute_Andreas  Altglashütten_postersession_Pablo  Altglashütten_Postersession_Janna

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On occasion of the retreat, the MeInBio Johanna-Kappes poster prize was awarded to Janna Wenzel for her poster "Examining the role of the transcription factor TCF7L2 in colorectal cancer" and to Eyleen Corrales for her poster "Epigenetic control of the tumor microenvironment in melanoma and its impact on drug resistance".


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